Red Burgundy Way Too Young – At Fifteen Years!

Photo: Nick Passmore
Photo: Nick Passmore

On opening the Clos de Vougeot, 2003 from Nicolas Potel showed a glorious Pinot nose of wet leaves mingled with images bright red fruit. Unfortunately, it turned out the whole show was a little too bright. In the mouth it was acidic and tight, totally unyielding, way too young. At 15 years!

“What to do? What to do?” as an Indian cab driver once implored on getting the taxi in which I was riding stuck in a 6 inch deep reflecting pool in the courtyard of a posh apartment building.

Anyway, enough of the joys of NYC taxi riding, what to do about the wine? Let it breath, double decant perhaps, and pray.

And Mercy! Prayers were answered. Well, sort of. It never blossomed into true Burgundian glory, but two hours later it was delightful to drink with a duck and mushroom risotto.

If I had more of it I’d mark it for a revisit in five years. Then the glory should be blossoming nicely.

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